Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Do You Start Your Day?

Breakfast is interesting to me because so many people skip it. Also, those of us who always eat breakfast often eat the same things over and over.  While I would never eat the same foods day after day for lunch or dinner, my breakfast choices aren't all that varied.  My "rotation" of brekfasts include:
  1. Plain Greek yogurt and I add blueberries or raspberries and some Splenda. I cannot stand fruit flavored yogurt or that "fruit" on the bottom stuff. 
  2. I mix Kashi Honey Sunshine and Kashi Go Lean Crunch in a Tupperware cereal container so that it's ready to go without much hassle in the mornings; while I don't like to miss breakfast, this girl isn't getting up early to make it! I throw a few berries in with that and voila!
  3. If it's really cold outside I will eat oatmeal.  I prefer to do that on weekends because I like steel cut oats but that takes forever to cook so on work days I usually go for some kind of instant.  I just try to choose one with the least amount of sugar and the most amount of fiber.
That's pretty much it, those 3 things over and over again and I never seem to tire of them.  Of course I always bring a thermos of coffee to work with me.  Once I get to work my trusty mug is filled up and doctored with my creamer du jour'. I can sip on the same mug all morning.  I don't mind cold coffee so I rarely do a warm up, you try leaving 23 2nd graders to fend for themselves while you trek to the lounge to heat up your coffee.  Most times, the cold coffee goes down easier than what I may come back to.

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