Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What i Want Wednesday

I wear the same bracelets and rings pretty much everyday. I change up my necklace and earrings based on what I'm wearing, but the bracelets and rings rarely change.  There's my wedding ring and my Mam-mas wedding band, a James Avery wire bracelet on the same wrist as my watch, a James Avery monogram bracelet and a thin silver cuff  on the other. Most days, I wear a silver watch; but recently I also alternate between a white or black rubber watch. With all that said, I'm not usually in the market for rings or bracelets...until lately. I've had my eye on some of my friend's Pandora bracelets. I think of these as a grown up version of a charm bracelet. I do love charm bracelets, I've had mine since junior high. I no longer wear it, but it's fun to have. I recently pulled it out of the bottom of my jewelry box and was flooded with memories just by looking at it. All the charms hold some sort of meaning and are from friends and family that I love dearly. I will say, I was always a bit of a charm bracelet snob. If it wasn't from James Avery, it wasn't going on my bracelet.

 Remembering how fun it was to collect charms over the years; tiny trinkets that represent important events, milestones, or just  things I love, I've been thinking of starting a Pandora bracelet of my own.  Looking at their website makes my head spin though, so many choices that I don't even know where to begin!  Any pointers from you Pandora wearing ladies out there?

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