Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bright Lights Big City

Hallie and I hit the road Sunday afternoon ready for our fun girls weekend in OKC.  We were not disappointed!  I feel so lucky that my 16 year old daughter still likes to hang out with her mom.  Truth be told, she may have just put up with me so that she could visit Mel.  Jeff and Melanie are such gracious hosts and we had a great time.  We got there early evening so we chatted and relaxed then headed out to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We went stratight back to the couch and fired up the DVR (I felt so at home!) Luckily, Melanie and I share a love of quality TV, so we caught up on the Housewives and Teen Moms. 
The next day we started with lunch at The Spicy Pickle.  I will say this may have been the spot where said teenage daughter was rethinking her choice of hanging with mom...and that's all I'm going to say about that (except that I did apologize). 
We spent the rest of the day boutique hopping, shoe shopping, and cupcake eating.  More posts to follow on 2 very special stops.   
One stop was a fun little shoe store with this little number right in the center.  I must say, they had some fabulous shoes at some sky high  not so fabulous prices. Let's just say that regardless of this sugary sweet teaser, there really weren't any "sweet deals" to be had.  But is was fun to drool look.

After many more stops, one of which where we picked up these fun bracelets, we headed home for some rest before our evening entertainment, which did include fabulous footwear. 

She loves her mom...even after the lunch incident.
Winding up the evening...Bethenny is on after all. 
 Thanks to Melanie and Jeff for such a fun trip.  Bless Jeff's heart for having to put up with us crazy girls. 
This is the face he was wearing most of the trip. 

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GrandLakeGirl said...

We weren't ready for you to leave!! Love you girls! We are making Drew and Bill come next time!!!