Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Don't worry, I haven't started yet another "day of the week" post.  I just wanted to share this drink with you and it just happens to be Thursday.  A friend invited me for girl talk and cocktails a couple of weeks ago. Don't cocktails make the girl talk so much more interesting?  It was fun catching up with my dear friend, and I added this new drink to my repertoire.  I'd call it a successful evening! The drink you ask? The Moscow Mule.  She first heard of it on Oprah, here's the original recipe from the show.  She made it as this recipe reads, substituting the sugar syrup with agave.  I had never had ginger beer...think root beer with a bite.  It was spicy and delicious! The agave kind of rounded out that bite.  As a rule, when I make mixed drinks I always use calorie free mixers, especially important when I knock back several sip more than one cocktail.

This past weekend I wanted to make the drink at home.  My grocery store didn't carry the ginger beer so I decided to try ginger ale instead.  I then went a step further and chose diet ginger ale.  I didn't use the agave because the ginger ale is sweeter with less of that "bite" than the ginger beer.  Voila, a refreshing cocktail using a calorie free mixer.  This one was easy compared to others I have made.  I am quite the mixologist when it comes to "skinnifying" a cocktail.  Fine when I'm at home, but quite a pain when my cocktail needs to travel.  This version of my new favorite cocktail is quite portable.  Grab these ingredients and bring them to your next get together.  Your girls will love you, and since these are so delicious, I would like to be a fly on the wall as the conversation gets interesting.
 Skinny Moscow Mule:
  • Fill a highball glass with crushed ice (I used Sonic ice)
  • Add a healthy pour of vodka to your glass
  • Top with diet ginger ale unless you have access to Regatta Diet Ginger Beer
  • Add the juice of up to half of a fresh lime. 
  • NOTES: use a brand name ginger ale (like Canada Dry) especially when using diet, it has less of an artificial flavor. You could muddle some fresh mint in your glass and maybe even add a little fresh ginger if you like that spicy ginger flavor that you just can't get from ginger ale. 

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