Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I'm Wearing...

lime green tank top
lime green sports bra
grey fleece jacket
grey yoga pants that I just got a rip in
brown and white striped fuzzy socks
What would Cojo say??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 25 Random Things

If you are on Facebook you have no doubt been tagged about a zillion times for this one. I finally broke down and did it because it HAS been fun to read other people's random things. So, here are mine. Again, if you are on FB, you probably have already seen this. If you aren't on FB, WHY NOT???

1. I am a clean freak that cannot relax unless the house is clean, but I don't make my bed unless company's coming.

2. I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 25.

3. I have like no hair on my legs, I only shave a handful of times per year.

4. I have 2 DVR's and they both work overtime.

5. I love to watch tv in bed.

6. I miss my Mam-ma every day.

7. I know what it is to be truly loved.

8. I didn't know my middle name had an "e" at the end until like 2nd grade...KayE

9. I knew I wanted to be a teacher from the time I was a little girl. My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Evans, smelled like spiced tea and to this day it is one of my favorite smells.

10. I love to cook.

11.I was so scared of my dance teacher that I was afraid to ask to go to the bathroom...I peed my pants right there.

12. I threw a tantrum at Sanger Harris until my mom bought me the paisley Guess jeans I wanted.

13. I hope my daughter finds a husband that makes her feel like a princess every single day.

14. I hope my son treats his wife like a princess every single day.

15. I saw the wedding of the "smallest people in the world" at the circus when I was little. I was actually in it, I got pulled out of the audience and got to ride in a their horse drawn carriage...being pulled by the "smallest horse in the world" Tiny Tina. I had a poster of the bride and groom hanging in my room, my mom accidentally ripped it one day and I thought I would never forgive her. I am over it now.

16. I wore glasses in elementary school that were so big I got to put little decals on them...WHY???

17. I don't just color my hair because I WANT to anymore.

18. I love the potato chips from Which Wich, I usually eat 2 bags.

19. My dad took me out to ride horses when I was in about 4th grade, I fell off and hit my head really hard. He said "Let's not tell mom about this." That was easy for him to was french braiding my hair the next day and was getting mad that I was whining about her pulling my hair so she hit me over the head with the brush, RIGHT ON MY BIG OL'GOOSE EGG!

20. My first dog was named Cry Baby. My parents told me she ran away, I found out as an adult they gave her away.

21. My friend Caron and I have been friends since we were 5. This is how our first exchange went
CARON: Hi, I'm Caron, what's your name?
ME: Gretchen
CARON: Hey, that's my dog's name.
ME: Running in the house crying.
CARON"S MOM: ding dong
MY MOM: answers door
CARON'S MOM: My daughter just made your daughter cry.

22. I love to go to the movies and smell the popcorn, but I don't like to eat it.

23. I would love to have had a baby with Billy. I wish I had a newborn cause they smell so good and look so cute, but I don't want any more kids.

24. I took piano for about 5 years and can't play a tune to save my life.

25. I believe expensive shoes can make a cheap outfit look good.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Do You Do?

So Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I am curious what you do to celebrate. I love Valentine's Day (pardon the pun)! I really don't buy into the school of thought that says it has to be a totally romantic holiday and if you don't have a significant other then you should sit home and eat a half gallon of ice cream. That's crap. It's fine if you and yours go all out, but I just don't find it necessary. Valentine's Day for me is more about celebrating the fun that your relationships bring to you. Not to say I don't appreciate a romantic gesture, cause I totally do! That being said, anyone can go spend more than they should on a bauble, but I would much prefer a gift that I know had some thought put into it, one I know that was chosen just for me.

If you have kids like I do, do you celebrate with the kiddos? I love to cook dinner at home, usually some kind of sickeningly decadent pasta and a rich dessert. Food that I would normally not allow myself to make, but on V day I do and I enjoy it with reckless abandon! One must have for me on this day is a bottle of bubbly. I am not picky when it comes to the bubbly either, I just simply loves me some champagne. Even at home with the kids, a special dinner can mark the occasion. You cannot imagine what a little Cherry 7 Up in a champagne flute can do to make your kids feel like they are your special Valentine!

I am not a fan of eating out on this day. I feel like restaurants are herding people in and out like cattle. The food and service are usually lacking because they are trying to get as many people in and out as they can. Not to fault them, it's just not my thing.

What are your Valentine's traditions? Do you have any great recipes to share with me? Let me know, I would "love" to hear from you (again, with the puns!)