Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm Afraid of Pie

There, I said it.  I'm afraid of pie.  My Mam-Ma made the best pies in the world.  I've yet to have a slice of pie that was as delicious as hers or see one that looked quite as pretty.  It seemed so effortless to her, the way she handled the dough, dropping in just tiny bits of ice water until it was the perfect consistency to roll.  She always had some pie dough in the freezer, just waiting to be made into one of her tempting treats.  Apple (hers was pink inside), and chocolate meringue were my favorites.  What I wouldn't give to be standing next to her on that green metal stool just watching her work her magic one more time.  I bet I would pay closer attention, 'cause this girl can't make a pie crust.  About that pink apple pie, red hots were her secret ingredient.  All my life I have thought other apple pies just weren't near as pretty.  She didn't go for the big chunks of apple either, this woman could slice apples paper thin.  Imagine these paper thin slices of apples just mounded up inside the pie plate.  I can still see her putting the top crust on and so nimbly pinching the edges to make the perfect flute.  I am fortunate that I do have a hand written recipe of that pie dough, but it intimidates me.  Maybe one day I will conquer that fear, but in the meantime, ain't nothin' wrong with a Pillsbury pie crust.  I buy the one in the refrigerator section, not the frozen one in the tin.  This way, you can put it in your own dish and it actually looks homemade.  It doesn't hold a candle to Mam-Ma's, but it beats mine to pieces!

Last weekend a girlfriend was telling me they had been on a pineapple kick.  Since we were going to their house for dinner I decided to try my hand at one of Mam-Ma's pie recipes, pineapple cream with a meringue top.  If you're not into meringue, this would be just as delicious with a whipped cream top, with maybe a little toasted coconut sprinkled over it.  This wasn't one she made often, but it was always good.  My meringue wasn't nearly as high, and my store bought crust wasn't as beautiful, but it tasted almost the same. I sure wish she was here to have some with me!

Obviously, my fingers aren't as nimble, but I can use a fork!

Next time, I'll use 4 eggs instead of 2 to make my meringue taller, but it sure did brown up nicely.

This is the recipe I used and I highly recommend it.  In reading this recipe, it seems many a grandmother made a pineapple cream pie.  If it sounds strange to  you, I understand, but try it!  It's evidenced (or not) by the fact that I don't have a photo of the finished pie, it was gone that quick! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

So Much to little time to tell it

I have abandoned my little blog lately.  I'm sure you all noticed, right? (Crickets)  It's actually crazy that I haven't written because I have so much going on that would provide plenty of material.  I've been busy starting my new job; I gave up my teaching career to start a new chapter in the work world.  I am very fortunate to have found a new career that allows me to use what I know about schools and education in a whole new way.  I am working with a publisher of children's books on the digital side.  In a nutshell, I work with schools to develop a custom professional development plan that will allow them to implement their new library of over 2500 digital books.  I am really busy and have lots to learn but I have been loving every minute of it.  I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego for a technology conference a couple of weeks ago.  Have you been to San Diego?  It was my first time and I have to tell you it was A-MA-ZING.  First and foremost let's talk about the weather.  It was sunny and in the upper 70's or low 80's every day; I'll take that over this Oklahoma heat wave any day!  I had no idea there was so much to do in San Diego.  My husband came to meet me after the conference was over and we stayed through the weekend.  We drove to Carlsbad which was the cutest little beach town.  Then to La Jolla where we walked along the beach and got to see the sea lions, so cute!  Then we drove to Del Mar for dinner and enjoyed a beautiful beach sunset while we ate.  On the way back to our hotel we stopped in Old Town. It was like a short trip to Mexico! Too bad we were stuffed silly from our dinner, there were so many restaurants and Mexican is one of our favorites.  We had planned to go back for dinner the next night, but didn't make it...that's another story for another day.  We were fortunate to make it over to Coronado Island for a day of shopping and sight seeing.  The Hotel Del was just one of the most amazing places I've seen.  It's full of history and so picturesque.  The pictures we took just don't do it justice.  We zipped through Little Italy one day where they had the cutest little grocery stores and fun little shops.  We had pizza and gelato while visiting, when in Rome Little Italy...
The sea lions in La Jolla, really cute, but really stinky too!
The "Del"
His and Hers beach cocktails. 
 His is self explanatory.
Hers is a margarita made with pineapple and chile infused tequila.
Our beach side dinner view in Del Mar