Monday, February 28, 2011

Orange Crush

JHud gets my vote for best dressed on the Red Carpet.
The color of this dress is perfection, and I love the way she looked in it.

The hair I wish I could wear:
I love these pixie cuts, how do they still look so girly.  I'm brave enough, but just don't think I could pull it off.

Only a woman with this body...
  could work this liquid silver number. 
It wasn't my favorite dress by far, but it looked great on her. I just feel like that fabric would highlight every bump and imperfection.  As evidenced by the photo above, she really doesn't need to worry about that.

My last words on the matter of the 2011 Oscars:
Anne Hathaway > James Franco

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Shasta Anne said...

You are so right about Gwynnie's silver number. My thighs hid in fear when I saw her looking like perfection in it. I liked the dress on her, not for myself!

I actually really liked Anne's she-tux. Normally I don't like that look, but she brought a lot of flair to that ensemble. The shoes helped her look supa-fly too!