Monday, February 28, 2011

Mommy's Been Sick

Thursday morning I woke up feeling fine and by lunch...not so much!  It is not lost on me that no one likes to be at work when they don't feel well. However,  I really want to impress upon you how NOT FUN it is to be at work when you work in a room with 24 second graders.  By the end of the day I was literally laying my head down on my desk letting them just run amuck.  When I got home I was achy,had a headache, chills and fever. I was convinced it was the flu, but it ended up being strep. Lordy, I haven't had strep in years and didn't realize how sick it  made you.  My doc prescribed a Z Pack and 3 days later it's finally making me feel human again. 

I'm lucky that my family took very good care of me and the house didn't fall down without me.  I need to muster the strength to get out of this bed and figure out how to get back to it.  At this moment my dog's hair is fluffy and gorgeous because she had a bath this morning.  Mine is the opposite of fluffy and gorgeous and I think my first order of business is a shower.  I don't love it that my dog looks, and probably smells, better than me.

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Carrie said...

Nothing worse than strep. Glad you are feeling better. I keep thinking I too should get in the shower. Then I think the days half over why bother.