Friday, February 18, 2011

Perfect Pout

I wear lip gloss.  Rarely do I wear actual lipstick.  Some of my favorite glosses are by MAC and Victoria's Secret. These both give me a wash of color without being sticky.  Recently I have gotten the itch to try lipstick again.  My goodness, it's nerve wracking! The colors on the display look totally different from what I see inside the tube and don't get me started on how to pick the right color for ME.  Just because I love a color on the model, doesn't mean it'll look right on me. 

Reds can look too harsh on me.  I finally found one I thought I liked but about an hour in, the color turns a garish hot pink on me. The lighter pinks that I like on other people make me look too washed out or like Barbie.  My fair skin and dark hair don't beg for a nude color either. 
Until now...
I don't like to buy fancy brands because I never think I am going to wear it enough to be worth the price tag.  I picked up this L'Oreal Fairest Nude at "the Wal-Mart" this weekend.  I really have liked it because it has a touch of color in it so unlike most nudes, it doesn't make me look dead. The texture is nice too, I hate dry feeling lipsticks. So I guess this might be considered my "training bra" back into the world of lipsticks. Now I am all kinds of obsessed with finding others that I love. In my search for more perfect shades, I have but one wish:
May this...
...never. be. me.

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