Saturday, February 5, 2011

When All Else Fails...

I do believe we are the very last people on earth that didn't have a Wii. With all the snow we have gotten, we have been home bound for going on a week now. I have cleared my DVR, gotten my money's worth on Netflix (like, for the year), tried new recipes, ate plenty of junk, and cleaned my house from top to bottom. I was really beginning to feel like a slug. So many of my friends have been talking about Just Dance 2 on Wii...yes, I AM almost 40. We ventured out to Walmart yesterday after collecting Hallie from a friend's house. With more snow falling we decided it would be fun to get a Wii to keep us entertained and to get my a__ __ of the couch. We ended up getting Just Dance 2 and Super Mario 8. I danced a little last night, the hubs even caught me on video. Note to self: do not wear pajama pants with bright colored lips all over them when you are shaking your ample groove thing alongside 3 of the cutest, skinniest 16 year olds alive. Here are the girls BEFORE I joined them, you really don't need want to see that.

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