Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What i Want Wednesday

 I have loads of dishes and serving pieces, so I have no plans to acquire new ones anytime soon...but, I sure do love Fiestaware! I currently have red plates that I love and yellow plates that I don't (not Fiesta. I have plenty of red ones so that I could rid myself of the yellow ones and still have plenty. The problem with my dishes is they can't go in the microwave. When I got the dishes about 5 years ago I didn't even imagine that an everyday set of dishes wouldn't be microwave safe. I found this out the hard way: they get really hot and the finish seems to almost crackle when used in the microwave.  I keep some Tupperware microwavable plates and bowls on hand for when we need to reheat a dinner plate, and Pyrex dishes for bigger microwave jobs.

I just love the colors of Fiestaware, no particular color, just all of them. The mixing up of the colors is what I love about them. Colors that I don't usually like, or that I wouldn't normally put together, just look so pretty. I love the look of open cabinetry that allows people to show off their collections, but truth be told, I'm not brave neat enough to work that look.

Maybe I should start using my plates in the microwave, I might end up "needing" a new set of dishes before too long.

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