Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies

I watched the HBO mini series Mildred Pierce last week and I saw Arthur last night.  Seeing both of these movie remakes really makes me want to watch the originals.  I have never even heard of Mildred Pierce and I saw the original Arthur way too many years ago to be educable in making any comparisons.  Now knowing that Joan Crawford (HELLO... MOMMY DEAREST) was the original Mildred Pierce, I put it on my Netflix que.  The original Arthur AND Arthur 2 are available to watch instantly so those are waiting for me when I am ready for a movie marathon. 

I am thinking that Joan Crawford will always be Mommy Dearest in my eyes.  Kind of the same way that John Travolta will always be Danny Zuko or Bud Davis, NO MATTER WHAT PART HE IS PORTRAYING. That's not all, although Holly Hunter is an Academey Award winning actress, she will always be Ed from Raising Arizona to me.  Sissy Spacek IS Loretta Lynn.  Do any of you have this problem? So as I'm watching Midlred Pierce I will secretly be waiting for the "Nooooo wire hangers" line.

I guess I am kind of on an old movie kick.  I've already added Breakfast at Tiffany's to my que, any suggestions as to your favorites?

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