Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Best Thing I Ever Ate...this week

Drew cooked for us again, proving he isn't a one trick pony!  He made grilled chicken and since he had the grill going I threw on some romaine hearts.  Yes, lettuce...on the grill  (say that with the Sweet Home Alabama "you've got a a bar" voice.)  I saw this Grilled Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Reduction on Tasty Kitchen and thought it was interesting looking.  Mine wasn't nearly this pretty, but it was tasty.  I didn't have any blue cheese so I used goat cheese and it worked fine.  I had leftover dressing and it was good the next day on a spinach salad.  I think next time I make this I will put the dressing in the blender because the strawberries really don't look very good after they sit in the dressing, but the flavor is delish. So, next time you have the grill fired up, freak your kid out by putting lettuce on it. Go ahead, it was fun!

Photo from Tasty Kitchen

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