Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something Borrowed

This book has been out forever.  Typically, I enjoy chick lit and and I especially enjoy a series.  For whatever reason, I hadn't read this little gem.  I just had no interest in it...until I saw the movie was coming out.  I saw the previews for it when I went to see my boyfriend  Russel Brand in Arthur.  Somehow this book made it to the top of my must read list.  A friend at work brought me the whole series and I finished Something Borrowed very quickly: A) it was an easy read, B) I really liked it, and C) I really wanted to read it before seeing the movie.  I just cannot read a book once I've seen the movie.  I love the conjuring up of what the characters look like in my mind part of reading that is lost when you see the movie first.  Seeing the previews was almost a little much.  I just kept seeing Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin in my mind.  At the time, I didn't realize who the other characters were being played by and I purposefully did not want to find out.  I love John Krasinski but he wasn't "my" Ethan.  And this Colin Egglesfield dude, he's cute, but again, not "my" Dex.  On the flip side though, I love reading a book then finding out later it's being made into a movie.  I am always excited to see who's been cast and how they match up to mental images I have made. So, will you be seeing this one?  I think it's a date for my mom and I on Mother's Day.

Sidenote: A couple of other books I read that have been recently cast are The Help and The Hunger Games.I must say, that's some iffy casting if you ask me.  I'm sure I'll feel differently once I see the movies.  I felt the same way about RPat as Edward in Twilight.  I was skeeved out by him to say the least.  I know some of you still are. I, however, am the opposite of not.  SOOOO not. No, I am not one of those Twilight T-shirt wearing moms, but he didn't hurt my eyes when I watched if you get my drift. Don't judge.

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carrie1 said...

It was a great movie! I went on Tuesday to the sneak peek. I however was trying to finish the book before I saw it, but didn't. =( But it's nice to have faces to put to the names in the book.