Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look How Grown Up I Am

The adult version of  a beer can pyramid...
how adult am I that I even thought of this?
Along with my new diet  lifetyle change, I have found a new vice. I used to drink Diet Coke or even guzzle sip wine in the evenings.  Since I'm staying away from artificial sweeteners and sugars I've had to find a substitute. It started more as just something to keep me occupied, but it has grown into a full blown obsession.  I cannot walk down the tea aisle without picking up a new variety, I have amassed quite a collection in the last few weeks.  Given my obsession with all things British (thank you, Royal Wedding), I guess I should be feeling rather regal, huh?  Oh, and yes, I do have a favorite.  See that Twinings Herbal Unwind with the green apples on it?  MMMMMMM!

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