Thursday, May 26, 2011

2 of My Favorite Things

1. My Dad
2. Ketchup
How are these 2 related? I shall tell you. Mom and Dad went on a trip to New Orleans recently and Dad encountered Red Gold brand ketchup.  At first, he was irritated, he is a Heinz man through and through.  Any other ketchup is considered an "off brand" and the restaurant must be "too cheap" to get the good stuff.  Are you sensing that Daddy-O doesn't like change?  Upon trying this new ketchup find, he quickly decided that this was his new favorite brand.  Once they got home from their travels, he promptly wanted to pick up some of his new favorite condiment.  Well, guess what? We can't get Red Gold here in Oklahoma; or can we?  Dad went straight to the  internet and ordered up a case of it.  He very kindly shared part of his precious cargo with me.  So see, this really is the story of how 2 of my favorite things are related.  I'm sure it's kept you on the edge of your seats. 

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