Monday, November 21, 2011

This is How We Do It

Since my mom and dad just live a hop, skip, and a jump from us, we don't have to travel for Thanksgiving.  That's something to be thankful for in itself, I have heard horror stories of holiday travel.  I always look forward to Thanksgiving because it really is a stress free celebration in our family.  We do things comfy and casual and mom always makes sure everyone has their favorite thing on the table.  Yes, mother, I DO want that green bean casserole. Sorry guys, I just can't resist those little french fried onions when they get all toasty and almost burned in the oven. This year will be different though, because my sister won't be there with her family.  They took a trip to Disneyland with their kiddos.  I'm sure they are having a great time, but we sure will miss them.  On the upside, that means more green bean casserole for me.

I always look forward to the prep and cooking part of Thanksgiving.  I love waking up early and puttering around the house in my pj's, drinking coffee, and watching the parade on TV.  I guess it's kind of tradition around our house and I really love hearing all the bands play while I cook.  This year I'm making the dressing, balsamic brussels sprouts, and a pumpkin crunch cake.  We make pumpkin pie pretty frequently this time of year so it really doesn't feel that special come Thanksgiving.  I found the pumpkin crunch cake on Pinterest and thought I would give it a shot.  I also made a cranberry compote for an event I catered this weekend.  I made plenty so that we could have some with our turkey dinner.  All of us, that is, except Dad.  He just has to have the jellied cranberry sauce.  You know the one. The one that comes out of the can in one big blob that is actually shaped like the can.  It's his favorite and good ol' mom makes sure it's on the table every year (alongside that green bean casserole).

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