Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to You

You chased me with frogs.
I cried.
You wore your green terry cloth swimsuit.
You wore it while riding your banana seat bicycle. Everywhere.
You smelled like outside.
 All the time.
You outgrew these things.

Happy Birthday to my "baby" sister!

What's up with this pose, you ask?  Back in the day when mom used to take us to have our pictures made, the photographer had Melissa pose like this.  From that day on, anytime a camera was pointed at the girl, she struck this pose.  It didn't matter what she was doing, be it riding that banana seat bike or chasing me with frogs, she stopped, threw her hands up to her face and was ready for her close up.  I'm sure that Olan Mills photographer had no clue how famous this pose was destined to be.   

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