Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

I am very fortunate to have both my parents healthy, happy, and close by.  My sister moved to BFE down the turnpike a few years ago, but again, I am so lucky that she comes home often.  We celebrated mom's birthday together yesterday in the only way you can possibly celebrate in this Oklahoma heatwave...in the pool! Remember my Greek Salad addiction?  Well, I pushed it on the fam for mom's poolside dinner. Dad grilled the chicken to perfection but wasn't happy when he became privy to the fact that we were having salad. for dinner.  I made him have a little bite and let's just say he had 3 helpings I don't think he hated it.  Dinner was followed up with mom's annual mint chocolate ganache brownie cake.  Good thing we had that salad for dinner, huh?  Stay cool.  I don't mean that in the 8th grade yearbook signing kind of way.  I literally mean STAY COOL. 
The birthday girl and the salad hater

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Diddy said...

That was REAL cute!!!