Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Watermelon Woopsie

That's what I'm calling my new concoction.  I cut into an ice cold watermelon the other day and was sorely disappointed.  Rather than the juicy, red fruit I was hankering for, I found a light pink, mushy mess.  I was just about to toss it when I had a thought...you know me, always thinkin'! I cubed up the watermelon and through it in the blender.  I used a fine mesh sieve to strain the puree', leaving me with what I will call watermelon water.  It actually tasted great on it's own, not too sweet and really refreshing.  I broke out my cocktail shaker and it was on.  Through a little trial and error I came up with this little gem:
2 parts of said "watermelon water"
1 part vodka
4 muddled mint leaves
Just pour it all into the shaker with some ice and pretend like you're Tom Cruise in Cocktail.  Strain into a martini glass and add a squeeze of lime.  If you like things a little sweeter you could add a little simple syrup or rim the glass with sugar.  You know what I love on my watermelon? SALT.  I'm thinking you could rim the glass in salt OR a mixture of sugar and salt.  There I go again with all that thinkin'!

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