Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Weekend I...

  • got in late from a trip to MN, man, it sure is pretty there!
  • made a new friend on that MN trip, actually, I made several, but you can meet one of them here.
  • watched the LAST EVER Friday Night Lights, sniff sniff.
  • caught up on laundry ( I HATE unpacking from a trip).
  • got to see my sweet daughter for the first time in a week, she was off at camp and off was off on a work trip.  I've yet to see my son...TEENAGERS!
  • ate some deeeelish Mediterranean food that I made the hubs go pick up.  He was set on going there to eat it, but that would have meant I would need to get dressed.
  • finally watched The King's Speech, loved it!
  • saw my sister for a short visit at  my folks house.  It was rare that she and I are there at the same time without the rest of our families.  We sat down to eat lunch and it was like the old days!
  • grocery shopped for the first time in I can't tell you when.
  • celebrated my step daughter's 15th birthday, mmmmm Hibachi!
  • watched Casey Anthony walk out of prison, what in the heck is that girl gonna do with the rest of her life?
  • watched True Blood.  Eric Northman might be my new TV crush since FNL is gone for good and I had to say goodbye to Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins. NAAAH, TEXAS FOREVER!
  • finally found a use for some peaches going south in my fridge.  Making this for dinner tomorrow night.
What did you do?

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