Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fish Tales

I enjoy cooking fish, but I'll admit, my repertoire is small.  I know what I like and what works so I don't branch out very often like I do with other ingredients.  I normally buy salmon fillets already cut into individual servings.  However, last time I was shopping a whole salmon fillet caught my eye.  For one smidge of a second I considered cutting it up before I marinated it, but why would I do that?  I bought that big beauty for a reason.  I went in search of the best way to prepare this little fishy without firing up the grill.  It's really just too hot to cook outside.  Some of you would argue that it's too hot to fire up the oven, but mine's electric (boo)  and it really doesn't heat up the house.  This marinade was really simple to throw together.  I left out the brown sugar because I didn't have any and I doubled up on the red pepper 'cause we like things hot over here.  I'm going to cook it in the oven at 450 for 20-30 minutes until the fish flakes.   I'm thinking a ginger soy dressing over some romaine hearts is the only accompaniment necessary.  Wish me luck!
Here she is, soaking in her soy ginger bath, pretty huh?

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