Monday, January 24, 2011

If it Weren't for Weekends

I'm thinking if there were no weekends, I'd be skinny. I am a creature of habit. When I am at work, I can eat healthy for every meal and snack. Then the weekend rolls around and all bets are off. I start out thinking I will have a cheat day, which turns into a nosh fest all weekend. I get to thinking since I already got off track, I might as well go all out until Monday when I can do good again. I know, I know! I should not have that mindset, I should get back on the horse, so to speak and not just blow the whole weekend over a couple of fattening meals. But hey, I love to cook and I like to enjoy the fruits of my labor...if only they were just actual fruits.
Since sticking with my healthy eating would require that there never be a weekend, I think I need to start working on my willpower...or be ok with the size of my jeans.

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