Monday, January 10, 2011

A Gift We ALL Enjoy...maybe a little too much

For Christmas I got the hubs a Blu-Ray DVD player and signed us up for Netflix. I can't believe we are just now getting Netflix! Why did no one tell me that I really must sign up? I signed up for the option where we can instantly watch movies, as well as, have 1 DVD out at a time (not all the movies are available instantly.) Now I am not really a movie buff, and although I have some classic faves, I rarely watch movies more than once. The exceptions to that rule are Grease and Urban Cowboy, both of which I have watched COUNTLESS times. So anyway, back to my obsession with this new "toy". Yesterday after church the whole family settled in to watch Inception (too weird for me!) When it was over we were all just so comfy cozy we decided to watch another movie, THEN ANOTHER! Do you get what I am telling you? I watched 3 freaking movies yesterday! Did the laundry get done? Did the toilets get scrubbed? Did the floors get swept? NOOOOO! Can I tell you how cute Morgan Freeman was in Driving Miss Daisy? Yes. Can I tell you that Donny Darko kind of freaked me out? Yes. Maybe it was the freezing cold weather, or maybe it was the fact that both my kids were on the couch with me, or maybe I'm just lazy. I don't know, but it sure was fun. Steel Magnolias, anyone??!

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