Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Does This Make Me Weird

1. We buy fresh shrimp when it's in season. I have 3 bags frozen in my deep freeze that I hesitate to use because it'll be awhile before I can get more. My plan for stocking up for the winter sounded good in theory, but the fact that I don't want to use what I have because then it will be gone wreaks havoc on the theory. This recipe may change my mind.

2. I love to eat healthy and always try to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into our meals. I have never met a veggie I don't like, honestly! I am also cutting out processed foods as much as possible and watching my sugar intake. However, I crave McDonald's double cheeseburgers frequently.

3. I am a clean freak and I hate clutter. I can't relax to watch a movie if I happen to look across the coffee table and see that it needs dusting. I have been known to freak out over unswept floors or dirty bathroom mirrors...but I NEVER make my bed (unless company is coming, so call first!)

4. The smell of popcorn used to gag me. I hated walking into a movie theater because of the overwhelming smell. In the last few months, I can't get enough popcorn.

5. I like well done hamburgers and very rare steaks.

6. I can quote Urban Cowboy and Grease word for word. I have had folks challenge me, but no one has taken me.

7. I often wish I had lived in a past era, mainly the 20's or the 40's. I could totally have rocked those clothes and hair do's.

8. I can't sing a lick, I mean, I'M BAD... yet I love to karaoke.

9. I love listening to 1980's country music. It reminds of my dad's "cowboy" phase. He was quite the rhinestone cowboy, right down to his Wranglers starched to a razor sharp edge. He also wore Aramis cologne and Consort hairspray...oh how the scent would linger in the halls (and oh, how I loved it!)

10. I'm terrified of frogs. My little sister used to chase me around with them when we were young. Once, I jumped into the pool to get away from her and she threw the frog in the pool. I about had a panic attack!


Carrie said...

Okay, what recipe??? And none of it makes you weird, you are beautiful and fantastic. Love all those little quirks that are you.

Gretchen said...

Carrie, click on the word recipe. I went in and italicized it so you could tell it's a link.