Sunday, January 4, 2009

This is How We Roll

This is funny, huh? This past July my sweet friend Kerry invited me and Hallie to stay a night at the beautiful Chateau on the Lake in Branson. She and my other dear friend Deb were going to be there because they had to go pick up their girls from camp. Hallie and I packed up and got on the road as soon as we got the call. It was a pleasant surprise and one of the reasons I love being off in the summer. One minute you're in the dressing room at Academy and the next, you are hitting the road to Branson. Crazy huh? Well, that's just how we roll over here. So as Hallie and I are packing up, Deb and Kerry spent the day shopping. In one of the stores they found this shirt and decided it would be just the welcome present for me. What does that say about me? Hmmm...I won't dwell on that. Then they got really crazy and decided they should get one too. Well, pictures don't lie. Upon my arrival they presented me with the shirt and then...TAAA DAAA, they broke theirs out too. We put those babies on and had the girls take our pics. I bet they were so proud of their moms huh? So here we were, sporting our Party Girl shirts, what else could we really do? We took a walk around the hotel looking for the party. We got some looks since we are 3 middle aged "ladies" wearing twinkie Party Girl shirts. Well, sorry to say, we just had to make our own party. Turns out the Chateau on the Lake wasn't really that hoppin'. Luckily, any time I am with these girls we do make our own party. The rest of the evening was spent eating Pringles in bed with our girls. Now THAT'S a party! bed...COME ON. I would never allow that kind of behavior at home.

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