Monday, January 5, 2009

So I Made the Sassy Water

UUUUHHH, not so much. I peeled, sliced, and grated to prepare my water so it would be ready for me to take to school. When I got up and saw it, it did NOT look pretty. The grated ginger pieces were floating all around and the water was a bit cloudy. I knew I couldn't drink it with those floaters in it, so I strained the water through a fine sieve. That helped, although the water was still a touch cloudy. I went ahead and poured it in my water bottle and thought I would give it a try. I keep a large insulated mug on my desk and drink water all day anyway, so I figured it wouldn't be too tough to get it down. I tasted it and it just wasn't that good. I thought it needed more mint and lemon, less cucumber and maybe slicing the ginger would keep those floaters out of it. As the ice started to melt in my cup, the water tasted better. I did finish it today, and have another batch in the fridge for tomorrow. I did make the changes so I hope it's better. If not, it'll be back to regular water for me. Oh well, I am sassy enough as it is.

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