Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol

Did you watch it? I like the auditions, but dang, there sure are a lot of folks with nothing to do. You could not pay me enough to sit around in those waiting areas with all the crazies. I am talking about the people that absolutely cannot sing and they know it, (this would be the category I fall into), yet they sit around there and wait anyway. And how about Bikini Girl? Not necessary for sure, but if I looked like her in my swim suit, I think I would totally go on national television in it.
Talk Soon,
P.S. The knowing I can't sing thing...doesn't stop me from whipping out a karaoke tune given the opportunity.


debilyn said...

Watching the American Idol auditions every year is my family's total guilty pleasure...

the best part is listening to BigDaddy (my hubs) complain about the show the entire time, yet still sit and watch it with us...
(we know he secretly enjoys it)

Tasha said...

Matt loooooveeeeeeesssss American Idol. I could take it or leave it. Bikini girl- I wanted to just kick her little, skinny white ass.