Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

It's slick out there! This means I get a snow day~that is a perk about being a teacher. I have never known a life without a snow day. Think about that for minute, will you? Funny, huh? It's a strange dichotomy. I have many friends who are teachers and we call each other, check the news etc...all to see if we will be having school. We love a snow day...for NOW, but come May, which turns into June, we aren't quite singing the same tune. By then, the kids are just DONE with school. It is difficult enough to hold their attention when they are still on, but once they are off, FU-GET ABOUT IT! So, when I am still in school after Memorial Day, I will need to remember how much I enjoyed this cold icy day that I got to stay home with my husband and kids. I made french toast and bacon and I drank coffee til noon. I am wearing my most cozy pj's and I don't plan on changing. These are pj's that one would really ONLY wear if it was an ice storm kind of day, otherwise you would begin to sweat as soon as you put them on. I just went to the grocery store for a "big shop" before the storm hit, so I have options! I am going to make Hot and Sour soup that my friend told me about. I won't have to listen to my kids gripe about it because I will have plenty of time to make them something else. That rarely happens around here. You eat what I fix. You don't love it? Well BUMMER, this ain't Mel's Diner! I mean, I am not force feeding my kids liver and onions over here (which by the way, I love and have since I was a kid). I just like to cook and we really don't eat out that often. My kids would be in hog heaven if we ate out every night. I find it difficult to eat even fast food without breaking the bank. I think because I do cook I know what kind of meal I could make for less money and it really irritates me. My kids of course do not think this is logical at all. Oh well, I tell them when they grow up and are made of money they can treat me to dinner out every night. I am looking forward to it too, I will probably be really sick of cooking by then. In the mean time, I think I will go eat some mac and cheese...the kind in the box. Cause on a snow day, calories don't count! Keep warm.
Talk Soon,

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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I wouldn't mind a snow day but an ice day sounds a bit less desirable. ;)