Saturday, August 9, 2008

Simple Tastes


If you know me, you know I like to cook. Tonight we are getting together with some friends to celebrate Bill's birthday. We are going bowling then back to our friend's house. They were so sweet to offer their house since they have a pool. We could all come back to my house, but without the pool, it wouldn't be nearly as fun. I wanted to get some food together to take to their house so it would be there after we bowl. I got a sandwich tray from Sam's, made some yummy corn dip, and put together some Jezebel Sauce to serve with cream cheese and crackers. I asked Bill if there was anything else he would like to have since he really didn't get much input as to what I was serving. So he thinks for a minute and do you know what he said??? "LITTLE SMOKIES!" I give the man a choice of anything he wanted me to make and this is what he comes up with. See how easy he is to please? Thanks for being EASY honey! Funny to think if he said that same thing to me it would take on a whole new meaning, huh?

I can spend a really long time preparing a great meal and my kids will complain about it for some reason. I can open a box of Hamburger Helper and they think I hung the moon. Bill will eat just about anything, as my dad says: "He makes a cook feel good." I will keep trying to sophisticate their palates, simply because I enjoy the cooking, not because I care if they like it or not!

And in case you were wondering about the Jezebel Sauce...
Jezebel Sauce
1 18 oz jar Apple Jelly
1 18 oz jar Apricot/Pineapple Jam
(They actually do make this and it's Sam's Choice brand)
1 5 oz jar Horseradish
(you find this in the refrigerator section)
1 T black pepper
3 T dry mustard
Combine all ingredients and pour over a brick of cream cheese. Serve with assorted crackers. I like it with Wheat Thins or Triscuits.

This makes a big batch and it keeps in the fridge for quite awhile. Save your jelly jars and store what you don't use in them.

This sounds strange, I know. Try it, and I promise you people will love it. They will bug you all night about that ingredient they just can't put their finger's the horseradish. Tell them, or not, it's your recipe now!
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