Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day One Down

So today was the first day of school. The kids were actually really good, I kept waiting for them to wake up! School bell rings early and when you are used to sleeping in, it's rough. I am not one to sleep in really, I like getting up early. The kicker is, once I am up, I prefer to not GO anywhere just yet. Coffee, e-mail, Regis and get the idea huh?
You know the saying "you learn something new everyday?" Let me share with you what I learned today. I guess people get "First Day of School" presents. This all started innocently enough. My neighbor teacher had some flowers and a balloon bouquet that her parents sent to her. She is their "baby", mind you she has been teaching for going on 30 years now! So I am thinking how sweet that is that she got this stuff for going back to school. So, we are walking to lunch and I comment on another partner teacher's cute shoes. She proceeds to tell me that these were HER first day of school present. WHAT???? Have I missed out on 14 years of first day of school presents? She said "I felt like Cinderella, when I got out of the shower, there were my shoes." These were some great shoes and the story goes on...I won't bore you but let's just say her hubby went to some work to make sure she didn't get the shoes for herself before he could give them to her on this day. So, I ask my remaining partner and guess what??? Since her husband is also in education, they BOTH get a back to school present. I am really not believing I knew nothing of this until today.
Guess what? I think I may be getting a "2nd Day of School" present.

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