Friday, June 24, 2011

Pinnable Me

One of the blogs I follow was participating in this Pinnable Me Party over at Pawprints and Pastrybags. Since I am totally addicted to Pinterest, I thought I would join in! Here are a few of the things I've pinned this week:

I just had to pin this because it is so my husband.  Me? Not so much.  I just get right to the screaming part, just ask my kids!  I'm not proud, just honest.

Don't these look scrumptious?!  Kind of an updated version of my Mam-Ma's fresh green beans slathered in bacon grease.

Sweet Tea Vodka, the sugar free version! These will be making an appearance at the lake this very weekend.

Change that 30 to a 40 and I am set for cute gift giving!  Except, so far, 40 soooo DOESN'T suck!

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