Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Official...

I am the worst blogger ever.  I haven't felt very inspired lately, so rather than tell you that, I've been avoiding you.   You know what's funny, that's one of the qualities in people that bug me the most.  Avoiders get on my nerves, yet I sometimes do it.  Do you ever find yourself doing things that are actually pet peeves of yours?  Right now I have Alanis Morisette singing in my head about how ironic such things are.

So, rather than avoid you, I'm going to bore you to death with a little of this and a smattering of that.  In the last few weeks I have been super busy doing a whole lot of stuff, but nothing overly exciting.  I feel like I spend an exorbitant amount of my life keeping my DVR cleared out so I don't get too behind on my fall premiers. Yes, I am my father's daughter. This man will DVR episodes of the Lone Ranger, Andy Griffith and the like.  He watches them like he's never seen them before and has no idea how it will end.  Mind you, he's seen them all countless times.  I'm not THAT bad (yet).  Speaking of my sweet daddy, we celebrated his birthday last week.  It was fun family time and a yummy dinner out.  Can't beat that!

I'm finally adjusting to waking up earlier this year since we start school so dang early.  Mind you, I said I'm adjusting, not liking it. I really need 8 hours of sleep to be at my best, and that is darn hard to do when I have to get up so early.  My bedtime is interfering with said DVR clearing problem.  It really is a vicious cycle, don't you feel sorry for me?

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