Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's a Girl To Do?

Facebook is evil! Other than for the obvious reason, like I waste way too much time on there. Here is the thing, I find out way too much info. Things I do NOT need to know. Things like IT'S FREE PASTRY DAY AT STARBUCKS. As I sit here thinking of reasons not to go to the gym, I read that little nugget on Facebook. The cruel part of this is that my friend who posted this info could stand to eat a pastry per day, she is one of those tall drinks of water that weighs next to nothing. Me...not so much! Especially since I ate and drank my way through Destin last week. Since I can't motivate myself to get to the gym, I better not take advantage of that free pastry. It would end up costing me in the long run, as I would probably have to invest in some new pants! Let's just say that if I were going for a pastry it would be the lemon bar! What would you get?

1 comment:

Shannon and Carey said...

Cake donut. lol Is that a pastry? lol