Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Words...

Well...a few. If you know me, I am rarely speechless. I made these peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate genache frosting. I am taking them to a get together of some girls I work with. As you can see, I just HAD to sample one first. WOWZA, they are as good as they look (maybe better)! I was inspired to bake cupcakes because I bought the coolest cupcake tote. In this pic you can see that the cover snaps right on to the muffin pan. The red tray you see above sits on top of the pan. That is, only if you are taking all your cupcakes to the party. I am being a nice wife and leaving a few here for the hubby. The kids are both gone to summer camps, so he will be home alone with these cupcakes. Come to think of it, I better hide a couple so I can have them tomorrow with my coffee. These were so good, I am going to start making more cupcakes. I hope I get invited lots of places, cause I DO NOT need all these yummy treats laying around the house.

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