Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fabulous Friends

Do you have any friends that you don't see often enough? The kind that it doesn't matter how long it's been, once you get together it seems like yesterday since you talked? We recently had dinner with a some great friends that are just that! Every time we leave them we always say "let's not wait so long!". But, life gets in the way and months go by. Let's just say that after a fabulous dinner with these folks, again I am asking myself what in the world we need to do in order to coordinate our schedules better. It doesn't hurt that their backyard makes you feel like you are at a 5 Star resort! So, share with me about your friends and how you make it a priority to make time for catching up.

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Vegas Housewife said...

Every girl needs good girlfriends! Here's what we're doing next week (for our husband's birthdays)...getting brazilian waxes together. Gulp! I've even going to let my gf film me - and vice post on my blog. Ha! Am I nuts? Maybe. But it'll be a fun girl afternoon. LOL