Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Final Countdown

We are taking a road trip to Destin on Saturday. We have been counting down for several months, plenty of time to get prepared. Now that the time to go is upon us, guess how prepared I am? You got it...NOT SO MUCH! I have yet to pack or do much of anything else. I should be at least cleaning the house so that I don't come home to a mess on top of all the laundry we will have. But, here I am talking about it, but not getting to it.

Dad came over this morning and I made Hallie's favorite breakfast; Pancakes! Since we had a visitor, we also made turkey sausage and eggs. Have you ever had turkey sausage? I have used it to cook with several times, but never in place of regular sausage. It was just ok, I don't think I will be making it into those sausage patty things again. It was too white to fake you into thinking you were eating sausage. At least it was nice and lean and since dad liked it, he got to eat all of it he wanted and not clog up his arteries. After he left, the dogs enjoyed the leftovers.

Oh yeah...another thing that I have to look forward to when we get home from our vacay is that I have to get 2 fillings. I went YEARS without ever having any problems with my teeth. Now it seems like every other time I go to the dentist, I have to get something done. Is this what happens when you get old? I guess this goes to why I hate going to the dentist now. I mean, I never used to mind it. I didn't get why people were such haters of going to the dentist. Well, now I totally get it. Mind you, my dentist is great. She has massage pads in her chairs (they even heat up so during the winter that's nice), she has a big massage chair in the waiting room too. I guess that is to relax you before you even get in there. Another awesome thing is that you can get a PEDICURE while you get your teeth cleaned. Is that the best???? I am very ticklish, so they have to go easy on my pedi so I won't be thrashing around the chair. I think this is a genious idea, cause while I may feel like skipping my dentist appointment, you can be sure that this girl isn't going to miss out on a free pedi!

Off to pack. Bonus is that I got my new laptop and I will be taking it with us to the beach. I bet you are counting the minutes for pics!

Talk soon!

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Jane said...

Cool! You are such a blog diva! I haven't ever read a blog much less commented on one! I'm just a blog virgin! Keep it up - it's really cute!


I haven't reached the "not freaking out" stage before a new school year! I haven't slept well in weeks! :)