Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On Reubens...

My all time favorite sandwich is a Reuben. Even when they're bad, they're still good. I do have my preferences as to the way I like them. What ARE my preferences you ask...

  • Seeded Jewish Rye, some places use dark rye, others use pumpernickel, some have the gall to use a sub roll.

  • I don't like the meat piled up too high. I want to be able to bite the sandwich without all the goods being squished out.

  • Sauerkraut should be plentiful. My main gripe about a Reuben is being stingy on this ingredient. Why people? It's the cheapest part of the sandwich, yet it totally makes it!

  • Swiss cheese, the sandwich should be warm enough for the cheese to be oooey and gooey.

  • Thousand Island dressing, some use Russian, but I much prefer the former. I recently had a Reuben that had the sauerkraut mixed in with the dressing. It was interesting, I probably wouldn't do it at home, but it was good.

  • This sandwich must be served with Ruffles potato chips and dill pickle spears. Some like it with cole slaw or potato salad. Nope, not me, plain ol' Ruffles is the ticket here. I rarely eat a plain chip of any kind, but it is called for here.

Since tomorrow is St. Pat's, I think I'll invite the folks over and whip up some of these babies. One needs to eat before heading out to partake in cheap green beer.

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Diddy said...

We'll shore 'nuff will !!