Saturday, September 26, 2009

My New Kitchen Philosophy

I found this on another blog I read. It was originally printed on a restaurant menu, I happen to think I should make it my new kitchen philosophy...
Deletions of a specific ingredient of a meal are time consuming and error-prone due to the volume we produce daily.
Special requests and deletions cause a large back-up which means everyone has to wait longer.
Remember each meal is made fresh from scratch and we want each meal leaving the kitchen to be “the” meal we created.
We ask that when we are very busy (almost all the time), accept the meal “as is” and then YOU pick out what YOU do not like; that mushroom, tomato, onion or raisin- if consumed-will probably NOT jeopardize your health, but MY health is jeopardized when exceptions are demanded.
Please remember this is my kitchen and I’m the cook. I am not your personal chef. If the items aren’t the ones you want to eat, looks like you are out of luck.

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