Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer is Coming?

It doesn't feel like it! It's 56 degrees here in Tulsa today. I FINALLY completed my closet transition from winter to spring/summer stuff. I enjoyed it for about a week, then it started to rain. Rain, I could deal with. It has rained and rained and now it has turned cold. Cold and rainy I am having trouble with. All I really have in my closet right now are flip flops or some sort of sandal-ish footwear. My toes were cold today. When my toes are cold my whole body is cold! I can't believe that in 19 days I will be out of school for SuMmEr break. Doesn't feel like it at all. Maybe I should get a pedi and choose a really bright, summery color for my toes. At least if they are cold, they will look hot.


PorkStar said...

I dont see a hint of summer around here either. : (

smile steady said...

Oh it is DEFINITELY pedi time! Hopefully the sun will come out again soon! Cute blog!